Last Choir Standing

Over the past few weeks, Mr Greg and I have found ourselves watching “Last Choir Standing” on BBC One on a Saturday night.

Although it’s kinda a tired format, and not really new or innovative, or even a good copy of a much copied format, it still makes for very watchable TV I think. Indeed, Last Choir Standing is a BBC Vision Studios production made by the team behind other BBC entertainment shows including Strictly Come Dancing, I’d Do Anything and Any Dream Will Do, and so this comment on the format shouldn’t really come as a surprise to regular viewers.

The premise is that they are looking to find the UK’s ‘best loved’ choir and have enlisted Suzi Digby, Russell Watson and the fantastic Sharon D. Clarke (who was the original ‘Killer Queen’ in WWRY and who currently plays ‘Lola’ in Holby City) to help judge the competition. There will be six choirs which will be in the final, made up from two ‘winning’ choirs each week. The overall winner will be chosen by a viewer vote during the final show.

Thus far there have been a real ecclectic mix of choirs which have competed, and without wanting to ruin it for anyone, I think that all of the decisions that have been made thus far as to which choirs go into the final and which are knocked out have been the ‘correct’ ones.

Although this is clearly a stop-gap production by the BBC to fill in the mid-summer month, when ratings are traditionally lower due to us all going out etc (the episode on 19 July 08 only received 2.25M viewers), I still find it compulsive viewing. Not just that, but instead of just getting one or two hotties in total on the show, you find that you get a good handful of them in most choirs – hurrah! hehe!

My favourite performance thus far has been by Ysgol Glanaethwy and was their performance of “Adiemus” by Karl Jenkins. The wall of sound (no pun intended on the other choir’s name!) that they were able to create, the power behind their voices and the choreography gelled really well and sat perfectly with the really uplifting and moving piece of music.

You can view their performance by going to the official website for the show and scrolling through the videos on the home page.  Alternately, you can view it via YouTube below.

Whilst I’m on the subject – check out the rest of Adiemus‘s work – It truly is magnificent! Last.Fm has an extensive back catalogue of it.

Anyways, back on-topic, having only seen 5 of the 15 choirs perform properly, I’ve yet to establish firm favourites as of yet; I think I’ll wait until just before the final and then pick one of the six as my favourite then.

Should you have missed this programme, BBC iPlayer is currently carrying it.

(Episode 3) (Episode 3 Results Show)

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