Last Choir Standing : Sat 16th Aug

Just a quick note on the latest round of Last Choir Standing from the BBC. As always, spoilers are present!

I thought that all of the choirs, with the exception of Bath Male Voice Choir, were absolutely and phenomenally outstanding this week! Cor blimey!

As usual, I really didn’t ‘get’ Bath, although I did find their sing-off song a whole lot better than any of their previous material. With all said and done however, I was happy with the decision made by the judges to eliminate this choir from the competition.

Really not sure why Revelation keep getting dropped into the bottom two – I would presume it’s a negative impact resulting from their size, and also because they are not linked to a school or local community project. As a free-standing choir, it must be much harder for them to compete as they won’t have as large a fanbase on ‘home soil’ as some of the other, larger, choirs…

Semi-Final next week, and I’m rather excited. I’ll be very impressed if the choirs can find a way to top their preformances from this week. Ysgol Glanaethwy and ACM Gospel Choir remain my favourites to win – however at this stage, I would be happy for any of the remaining four to take the title!

The BBC’s “Last Choir Standing ” YouTube channel which, once updated by the BBC, will have most of the performances from the week on it is well worth a look; and as always, their official website has a run-down of exactly what went on during the show.

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