The X Factor doth commeth!

This post relates to 2008; for my main posts on X-Factor 2009, please click HERE.


So, as I’m sure we all know (well, at least 11 million of us do!), the X-Factor kicked off again last night in awesome style!

I’ve already spotted my potential winner I think – Austin Drage!

(NB – posted this lovely backstage picture on their website – YUM! – though how he happened to have his top off, God only knows!).

Here are a few other yummy ones courtesy of Google! It would seem that getting his muscles out is a bit of a trademark look (and one which I approve of wholeheartedly hehe!).

Most years, I have been able to pick a winner from the auditions who comes within the top 5 (Niki Evans was mine last year, Brenda Edwards the year before) and so hopefully Austin Drage will do me good this year. I linked to his seemingly abandoned MySpace account above – really recommend you head over and have a listen. The BBC News page also has some of the high and low-lights of the auditions from this week – inc. Drage’s.

Drage also auditioned for X Factor last year, getting through to the boot camp, but not into the final 24.

Bit of controversy surrounding him, he was in a TV show called ‘Boys Will Be Girls’ – where a group of lads had to try and pass themselves off as a girl band (surprisingly not as bad as it sounds – on reflection I remember watching this, though not him!). Though one wonders if the also yummy Nikk, who was a finalist in Popstars The Rivals, had gotten through if the same kids would be screaming about how that was unfair too?! Niki Evans too had also auditioned for Popstars The Rivals – and so a bit of experience is nothing to scream about. It makes for a better, more varied, competition of a higher standard, and furthermore the person without any experience at all is usually the person who wins anyway!

This year, I really am missing Mrs O, and I thought I’d really detest Cheryl Cole as I’m really not a fan of hers. Surprisingly, I wasn’t too riled by her presence on the show and so I may actually be able to bear watching this year after all! Simon’s the only judge left that I like though.

Quite a few strong auditions in this weeks show, hopefully future auditions will have some equally strong characters.

As always, it is annoying me how they are cutting from location to location, in some cases pretending to be somewhere that they’re not – but that’s just typical X-Factor for you. In fact, these auditions are the 3rd ones, and not the ones that are the prelims in the stadiums. That said, it’s clever TV and helps make it so good.

Another thing to look out for next week – the word PIMP seems to be written on the side of Simon’s helicopter – DOH! hehe.

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  1. thelayoftheland

    oh no, is it really that time of year again when I have to lock myself in a broom cupboard on saturday nights to avoid this horrible tour de frakyness???!!! 😉


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