A first peek at our new gaff, and a HUGE plea for help!

So, for all you curtain twitchers out there, here are some pictures of our brand new apartment in Manchester City Centre! 😀

Should probably add that the apartment isn’t quite as ‘brown’ or ‘peachy’ as these pretty naff estate agent’s pictures make it look – it’s very light and airy too, and incredibly spacious! Hurrah!

Best yet, it’s just over the road from where I used to live, before I moved to London, and only 10 minutes walk to work each morning.

Now, here’s where Max and I desperately need some help, and though we’re not expecting anything to come of this, we’re desperately trying any avenue possible to try to sort out the actual move itself. Below is what we really need, and if you feel that you would be willing to help, you would have our eternal gratitude, as well as a bottle or two of something nice!

  • We are moving on Saturday 28 January 2012, and this date is fixed.
  • The cheapest way appears to be to hire a van from Europcar, and go from London to Bristol, from Bristol to Manchester, and then for the driver to go back from Manchester to London. (or any other variation of this twisty location map – starting in Bristol or Manchester actually makes it a lot cheaper for us).
  • Ideally, we’d need the person to check out the van at, say, 11am on the Saturday, and return it back to the same depot by 10am on the Sunday.
  • Annoyingly, it is the law in the UK that the person who books the van has to have a credit card, and has to be in the name of the driver. I would happily send an same-day bank payment to the person who agrees to do this prior to any payment being made on their credit card – for this reason, we’d prefer to find someone who we’ve chatted to or known for some time if possible…
  • I imagine that you will need to be able to drive a van / have the necessary bit on your license.
  • We will also cover the insurance costs, which prevents an excess charge, but the Europcar may ‘pre-auth’ the card for £250, which does not get taken from the card at all, and is ‘released’ as soon as the van is returned unharmed.
  • We’ll pay via same day payment for the petrol costs too, as they provide a full tank, we just need to ensure there is a full tank when it goes back. Any re-fulling on the way will be paid for by us directly at the pumps.
  • We calculate this as a round trip of 500 miles (let’s all sing The Proclaimers! heh) and appreciate that it could be a long day. We are more than willing to build in plenty of rest stops, and for the person who drives to crash at ours for a few hours on the Saturday evening before heading back on the Sunday morning.

I know that this seems a pretty awkward and unattractive deal, and it is rapidly becoming a HUGE headache for us. Simply, we cannot afford £900 to get a man and a van service to move both of us, and at around a third of the cost, this is really our only option, and is actually the very last hurdle between us and Manchester! It would absolutely kill me for the wheels to fall off (no pun intended) just as everything’s fallen into place so well!

Failing that, if anyone fancies letting us rent their van, or can put us in touch with any non-exorbitantly priced movers, we’d love you long-time too!

If anyone is feeling generous, please do feel free to contact me via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks for reading folks!! x

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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