A video walk-around of the new Manchester apartment!

We were given the keys to our new apartment up in Manchester today, and so a rather excited me decided to do as video walk-around for all you nosy folk hehe! Property came furnished, so nothing that you see is ours. We intend on making some cosmetic changes, and hiding away a lot of the […]

I have a gigantic…

… CD collection! 😛 Prior to the move, I have decided that I need to get rid of most of my CDs in order to free up dead space, and am currently engaged on a mammoth project to try to rip them all to my iMac’s hard drive (I am doing it at the highest […]

A first peek at our new gaff, and a HUGE plea for help!

So, for all you curtain twitchers out there, here are some pictures of our brand new apartment in Manchester City Centre! 😀 Should probably add that the apartment isn’t quite as ‘brown’ or ‘peachy’ as these pretty naff estate agent’s pictures make it look – it’s very light and airy too, and incredibly spacious! Hurrah! […]