BBC: Lost Christmas [2011]

So, it’s now less than a week until Christmas Day, and I’ve just taken my first dive into the ever-promising Christmas TV schedule.

Lost Christmas is an ‘urban fairytale’ set in (my hometown) Manchester, following a tragic Christmas Eve and the steps that occur the following Christmas, impacted by what has gone on before.

Starring the magnificent Eddie Izzard, amongst many others, I found this to be a great piece of drama by the BBC. In spite of the time of day of original broadcast (a Sunday at 17:30), it manages to be both sensitive and a little brutal, where it needs to be, and ultimately, through a very fluid narration, handing off from character, to character (which prevents the viewer from becoming bored), it manages to tell a real modern-day style Dickensian tale!

All the classic elements are there, though more subtly than you would know from simply watching – there’s poverty, a real working class feel to the Salford locations and characters, children, a Scrooge, a time-lapse and, ultimately, a reformation.

Should you have 90 minutes to spare between now and Christmas Day, when the BBC iPlayer will deactivate this programme, then I would thoroughly recommend giving Lost Christmas a watch.

Please click here to view the show (UK only).

As a random bit of trivia, Eddie’s hair is short, and dyed a vibrant blonde, as he was required to have a shaved head for another role that he has undertaken for Sky, in their Christmas adaptation of Treasure Island (he plays Long John Silver). As this role in Lost Christmas followed straight after filming for that, and as his hair had not yet grown back, Eddie decided that doing something bold was the only way to make his current hair cut look ‘normal!’ 🙂

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

4 Responses

  1. peter

    Does any one know the name of the group who covered the wings track wonderfull christmas time that was played towards the end of last nights programe Lost Christmas shown on BBC 1


  2. This is indeed a super Christmas Special. Thanks for a wonderful write up, Gari!

    And the name of the song (and Artist)

    I have to concur that this is worth seeing. I hope the Beeb rebroadcasts it again next Christmas.


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