BBC: Lost Christmas [2011]

So, it’s now less than a week until Christmas Day, and I’ve just taken my first dive into the ever-promising Christmas TV schedule. Lost Christmas is an ‘urban fairytale’ set in (my hometown) Manchester, following a tragic Christmas Eve and the steps that occur the following Christmas, impacted by what has gone on before. Starring […]

Pan Am – September 25th!

As I previously posted, towards the start of the year, I am very much excited about abc’s new drama – Pan Am, which airs on September 25th, looks like a lot of fun, and has some really fantastic casting! Here’s the full trailer, as well as several recently released promo videos: If you’re going to […]

REVIEW: DEATHTRAP (Noel Coward Theatre, London)

In summary: Jonathan Groff (et al.) certainly put the willies up me! 😛 I’m just back from having seen Deathtrap at the Noel Coward Theatre, London and I have to say that my initial feelings towards this play are rather positive. Like many people it would seem, I was completely unaware of the plot behind […]