A first peek at our new gaff, and a HUGE plea for help!

So, for all you curtain twitchers out there, here are some pictures of our brand new apartment in Manchester City Centre! 😀 Should probably add that the apartment isn’t quite as ‘brown’ or ‘peachy’ as these pretty naff estate agent’s pictures make it look – it’s very light and airy too, and incredibly spacious! Hurrah! […]

Timelapse Video from the Space Station

This is really, really, REALLY super epic! 😀 #SpaceBoyGari Video made by James Drake – more details on how this was made can be found on his blog, infinity imagined. A time-lapse taken from the front of the International Space Station as it orbits our planet at night. This movie begins over the Pacific Ocean […]

GLEE does THRILLER!!! (Picture spoilers in post)

OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! Glee are going to be doing Michael Jackson’s THRILLER in their first show after the US mid-season break on Sunday February 6th, right after the Superbowl!! (which, for all of us non-US folk, is why they’re on a playing field…. naturally! 😛 ) Pictures from the episode have literally only just leaked […]

Misty ol’ London Taaaawn!

This morning, there was the most fantastic mist that had settled all over the Thames, which made for a jolly exciting walk into work this morning. From my development, all one could see was a massive sheet of white where the banks of the Thames normally are. Here’s a few pictures that I snapped on […]

Early Gari

I’ve been feeling rather nostalgic recently for reasons unknown, and thought that as my friendship circle has taken another expansive turn for the better, that I’d share some of my history with folk and whatnot. These are old pictures that I’ve stumbled across recently that I thought that I’d like to share 🙂 I say […]