BoJo / Luke Jerram to place pianos across London

This is a rather good idea I think. Not sure how it’ll hold up, but never-the-less, it’s definitely worth a go in my opinion! Be interesting to see how it  pans out.

Hopefully they’ll put a few in Covent Garden and we can get some musical theatre based sing-a-longs going!

Be great to burst into ‘Lets All Go Down The Strand’ on the way home each night! (can’t believe that I’ve managed to refer to this song twice in 24 hours on blog posts heh!). That said… would you believe me if I said that I didn’t already do this on a nightly basis? 😛

Now, where did I put my flat cap and waistcoat…?!

Note, although Boris Johnson has green lighted the installation of the pianos, this is actually a part of a larger project by Luke Jerram (the website for street pianos project is HERE)

As reported in the Guardian:

Will Boris Johnson’s piano plan hit the right note for London?

An assortment of keyboards will soon be found around some of the capital’s landmarks. I wonder what music they will inspire …

The mayor of London is going to put 31 pianos around the capital for three weeks from the end of June, with only a couple of metal chains and a laminated songbook for protection against the wiles of vandals and metropolitan musicophobes. Each piano will have appropriate ornamentation – pound signs for the instrument outside the Bank of England, pseudo-psychedelic swirls for the Carnaby Street keyboard – and the hope is that a combination of public-spiritedness and musical responsibility will keep them in good condition.

But what about the music? Can you really turn a few keyboards outside London’s landmarks into the equivalent of a pub honky-tonk for a good old knees-up; a 50s living room where the family would gather around the piano every evening, in some prelapsarian vision of the olden days; or the piano of the Victorian parlour, the heart of 19th-century domestic ritual? Hopefully the pianos will be about finding new, 21st-century meanings for the piano’s place in social music-making. Otherwise, we could end up with three weeks of this or this.

You have been warned …

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