“Bing.com” – the new MSN Live Search

Bing.com is the new re-branded version of MSN Live Search (which was, frankly, awful, clunky and had a terrible interface!).

Having had a quick look around the Beta site today, it’s a pity that the same terrible Live.com interface still pretty much exists, especially on the web results, however I do rather like the way that it handles image results (much prettier layout than Google, which is rather basic in comparison!).

Take, for example, a search for Mitch Hewer: (click me) – pretty interface, pretty results! 😉

I also (for the time being) ‘love’  bing.com as it seems to have sent me a lot of traffic today via referals… hurrah for their indexing system! 😛

I prefer the way that WordPress.com handles the click throughs too (for the time being, until they catch on!). Most search engines, including Google, show only the search term on my blog stats under ‘Searches’, and then if images are clicked on, I can see a view via ‘files’ – though cannot pair the two fields together – however by having the link on the referrals page (and it referencing bing.com), it makes it much easier for me to see what content is attracting you all here in the first place! (topless pictures of Mitch Hewer and Nicholas Hoult from Skins it seems ;)!)

I reckon that Goggle will always be my first stop for search results, be it web or image, however if bing.com were to make one of the little search widgets for the Firefox browser (the top right hand corner drop down box), then I think I could easily be converted to using it for images, provided they keep it as it currently is!

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