BoJo / Luke Jerram to place pianos across London

This is a rather good idea I think. Not sure how it’ll hold up, but never-the-less, it’s definitely worth a go in my opinion! Be interesting to see how it  pans out. Hopefully they’ll put a few in Covent Garden and we can get some musical theatre based sing-a-longs going! Be great to burst into […]

West End Live [2009]

It’s (already!) that time of year again when we find that West End Live will soon be upon us, and I am rather excited (as always!). The event takes place over 20th / 21st June in Leicester Square and is completely free! For those unaware of what West End Live is; many of the West […]

525,600 Minutes

… that’s how long that I will have been in London for come 17:15 this evening. Just thought I’d post a quick note to my blog to recognise this fact. It’s certainly been a fun year – one which has not only gone rather quickly, but one which has also overseen a lot of largely […]