West End Live [2009]

It’s (already!) that time of year again when we find that West End Live will soon be upon us, and I am rather excited (as always!).

The event takes place over 20th / 21st June in Leicester Square and is completely free!


For those unaware of what West End Live is; many of the West End shows, and performers from the area, come together and perform a few songs each from their particular show, all for free! A terrific day out for all, especially families and theatre enthusiasts.

In terms of the musicals, I am especially looking forward to Avenue Q, Sister Act, We Will Rock You and Wicked (despite having seen them all!) and of the performers, The London Gay Men’s Chorus.

I am kind of looking forward to The Players Theatre, as last year they did introduce me to the amazingly fantastic ‘Let’s All Go Down The Strand’ <have a banana! *bendy leg movements*> song, which was the most fun thing about last year. That said, last year I thought that their set seemed to drag on forever, and, apart from ‘Strand’, I didn’t really find it overly entertaining!

Below is a version of the song, as done by Blur:

Below is a version of the song (done properly!) by Catherine Tate! (jump to six minutes) 😛

I’ll be working on the Sunday, though I am very lucky as my office overlooks the Square, so I’ll get the best view in the house! Hurrah!

Those turning up, get here early as it is General Admission, and last year the queues were huge!

The full line up is still TBA, so I’d suggest keeping an eye on West End Live’s website for a full listing in the week or so before the event. If I remember to, I may update this blog with information too.

If anyone is already going, or fancies coming along do let me know! 🙂

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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