Leicester Square re-opens – 24 May 2012

Having spent the last six years, whilst in London, working directly on Leicester Square (much of the time with a window view overlooking the Square and all its premieres etc.), I have to say that I am very pleased to see that the £15m upgrade project has finally been finished. Not surprisingly, it’s about two […]

West End Live [2009]

It’s (already!) that time of year again when we find that West End Live will soon be upon us, and I am rather excited (as always!). The event takes place over 20th / 21st June in Leicester Square and is completely free! For those unaware of what West End Live is; many of the West […]

A post from the desk of DarkAeon

Currently sat at work, rather bored as we’re now in mid-month and come mid-month there’s always the day that you literally can’t do anything, today is that day. My head of department, my line manager and my other colleague from management accounts have all headed up to the Manchester office for a day out, and […]

Giant cock erected in Leicester Square!

I came across this on the way into work this morning… :-\ Ooo-err missus, though good to know Will Smith isn’t your *average* superhero!! Good ol’ sign-putter-uppers for having a sense of humour… along with all of the men in suits giggling like little kids when they saw this hehe! x