A post from the desk of DarkAeon

Currently sat at work, rather bored as we’re now in mid-month and come mid-month there’s always the day that you literally can’t do anything, today is that day.

My head of department, my line manager and my other colleague from management accounts have all headed up to the Manchester office for a day out, and so I’m feeling slightly displaced at the moment. There are only three of us in management accounts, and so when two people disappear, it can get a little bit secluded. We’ve also just all swapped desks, and so I’m now sat on a desk that’s bathed in shade and facing completely the other way from my old desk. It’s also more within the communal area as opposed to near the offices and so it’s slightly noisier too.

To cheer myself up, I have the Hairspray soundtrack on full whack through my earphones and am chair dancing and l am lip-synching along like there’s no tomorrow. Well, I may as well give my new work neighbours an idea of what life with me is going to be like hehe!

On the plus side, I get a good view of people coming and going, and my monitor is no longer overlooked by people in meeting rooms; or entering the floor; or by the head of department – hurrah! Plus I’m marginally nearer to the printer, and so it’s slightly less of a walk, though it’s longer to the bathroom… I hope that doesn’t cause timing issues! Hehe!

Tonight I’m taking a small group of friends to the UK premiere of The Chronicles of Narnia – Prince Caspian at The O2. They’re trying to host the biggest UK film premiere and whatnot… don’t know if our attendance would get us into the Guinness Book of Records or not… there’s been no mention of that. It’s not that bad a deal either – it works out at £4 per ticket due to a promoter offer that I’ve been able to benefit from, as opposed to the £50+ that these tickets were on general sale for. £4 for a huge screen, probably amazing surround sound, and a well behaved audience? WOW! That’s even better than going to a ‘normal’ cinema and much better value hehe!

I’ve just confirmed with work that I have Sat July 5th – Sun 13th July off work, which is the second week that Greg has off out of his two week holiday from work. It’s unusual for me to take random time off during the first couple months of the holiday year (we start on 1st March), though I normally take my birthday and the day before off, as well as a week in September for my annual vacation. Alas, I have no vacation planned as of yet for this year. Typically I get to about January and realise that I still have about 4 working weeks to take off between then and the end of February.

No major plans for the week off, a nice relax would be perfect! Really can’t wait for this time off! Greg’s birthday and London Pride are both on July 5th, and we’re going to see Wicked at the Apollo Victoria on July 9th. No doubt Greg and I will find lots of fun ways to fill the week and it’ll be really nice to be able to spend time together without having to worry about one of us working the following day :oD

This weekend I plan to attend West End Live, which I missed last time I was down due to having to travel back up to Manchester – was completely gutted! So this year I am rather excited. It’s taken them since Monday to erect the stage and crowd areas in Leicester Square; they’re certainly putting a lot of effort in for a free show!

Anyways, that’s enough of my random ramblings for now. I just figured that it’d been a while since I did a ‘personal’ update to my blog and so I may as well while away my time at work productively (I enjoy being productive believe it or not hehe).

Thanks for reading xx

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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