Am I about to praise Boris Johnson? Heavens above!!

I’m going to have to try to bite my lip and not to get all political on this as am going to – begrudgingly – have to tip my hat to Boris and his cronies/chums in City Hall at the news regarding spending cuts in London and the knock on for the police force which […]

Amateur Transplants – London Underground

We couldn’t have a tube strike in London without reference to the below song: In fairness, I think Bob Crow is solely to blame for a lot of the agro; he just comes across as a self-obsessed trouble maker to me. How can they turn down ABOVE INFLATION salary rises, at a time when a […]

BoJo / Luke Jerram to place pianos across London

This is a rather good idea I think. Not sure how it’ll hold up, but never-the-less, it’s definitely worth a go in my opinion! Be interesting to see how it  pans out. Hopefully they’ll put a few in Covent Garden and we can get some musical theatre based sing-a-longs going! Be great to burst into […]

Problems at City Hall already?!

Oh dear… now, what was Mr Johnson saying about Ken’s administration being made up of phonies and crooks? 2 senior advisors let go (one your right hand man) in 2 months… hopefully in his third month it will be BoJo himself! There is also a quote in the story that says “Ray Lewis hopes to support […]

BoJo the Clown…

… as Mayor of London… frankly I am disgusted and so angry at the moment. I truly am at a loss for words. London – you’ve dug your own grave, and now unfortunately we’re all gonna have to lie in it.   RIP this city’s credibility, it’s reputation and it’s morality.