Amateur Transplants – London Underground

We couldn’t have a tube strike in London without reference to the below song:

In fairness, I think Bob Crow is solely to blame for a lot of the agro; he just comes across as a self-obsessed trouble maker to me.

How can they turn down ABOVE INFLATION salary rises, at a time when a lot of people are either taking pay freezes to secure their jobs, or else reductions or redundancy?!Β  I’d support TfL doing absolutely nothing and letting them throw their hissy fit and seeing that it gets them nowhere.

It is rumoured that their actions will cost the UK economy Β£100m per day that they strike. This at a time when there are signs that the economy is starting to recover, and is currently very fragile. Looking at it on wider scale, the cost of this strike isn’t just the extra thousands that they are selfishly demanding (and hopefully won’t get), but the unforgivable cost to the economy as a whole!

It is, however, good to see that BoJo and the TfL folk have laid on the extra services and whatnot – they seem to have made it much easier to get around London than perhaps it has been in previous strikes. Never thought that I’d priase Boris for anything… well, other than the pianos thing too heh. Also hurrah for the LU workers who stayed at work and are operating some of the limited services on some of the lines today.

All that said, today’s my day off, so I’m at home, plus I normally get National Rail in anyway, so I’m largely unaffected at the moment (unless it rains tomorrow, in which case, I’m screwed! :P).

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