Wedding Invitation

Oooo, I’ve just been asked to a wedding!

For me, it is especially exciting as I’ve only been to two weddings before, and one I wasn’t old enough to remember! I have a different friend (not the one getting married) from work who’s been telling me how magnificent the asian weddings that he is invited to are, and so I am very excited to be invited to my friend’s one!

As it is the girl whom I sit next to at work, it is great to be able to gossip wildly about everything and there’s a great vibe around the area.  Plus  it’s not just someone distant to me at work and thus not a ‘random’ invite (well, I hope! heh).

The invites themselves are delicious; a little booklet-type card with 4 pages of invitation (each one in a different language; I wish I could identify which they were, just so as not to feel ignorant!), and a very nicely designed envelope.


The wedding is on a Sunday, so I also get the day off work; hurrah! No doubt I’ll regret that come Monday morning when I have a shed load of work to catch up on in the office, however I wouldn’t miss attending such a happy day for the World! 😀

Now… where on Earth is my suit…?! :/

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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