Amateur Transplants – London Underground

We couldn’t have a tube strike in London without reference to the below song: In fairness, I think Bob Crow is solely to blame for a lot of the agro; he just comes across as a self-obsessed trouble maker to me. How can they turn down ABOVE INFLATION salary rises, at a time when a […]

Oxford Circus to get a ‘Shibuya’ crossing

SOURCE: New Civil Engineer (Ed Owen) £5M Work to renovate the congested Oxford Circus crossing on London’s busiest street begins today, to create diagonal crossings designed by Atkins similar to those at Tokyo’s iconic Shibuya crossing. Oxford Circus is where London’s two main shopping streets – Oxford Street and Regent Street – meet. Those exiting […]

Weeeeeellll – you know you make me want to SHOUT!

The other evening, I had half an eye on Celebrity Big Brother whilst we were making our tea, and happened to notice an ‘exclusive’ advert broadcast on Channel 4 during the eviction show: I absolutely love this advert!! Well done T-Mobile! I know some people are moaning that this is somewhat contrived, and that around […]

The TfL take on motherhood

On my way back from a rather soggy Canary Wharf this lunchtime, I happened to look properly at the new priority stickers currently emblazoned across the TfL network; “Priority seat for people who are pregnant, disabled  or less able to stand” … following the subtext of the sign; it would seem that having a child […]

Shayne Ward – O2 Arena

Not even worth commenting on I’m afraid. I accepted the tickets out of curiosity rather than being a screaming hardcore die-hard fan, and although most of the audience seemed to have a fantastic time (yay for them), I didn’t enjoy all that much of it to be honest. Rather than completely slate it, or look […]