Shayne Ward – O2 Arena

Not even worth commenting on I’m afraid.

I accepted the tickets out of curiosity rather than being a screaming hardcore die-hard fan, and although most of the audience seemed to have a fantastic time (yay for them), I didn’t enjoy all that much of it to be honest. Rather than completely slate it, or look for redeeming features, I just figured it’d be easier to say absolutely nothing at all.

On the tube home, some drunken youth managed to throw up in the faces of three of his friends, whilst catching the second lot of puke in his mouth and having to hold it in there until he was passed a carrier bag from a nearby good samaritan and could get himself off the train to vomit in a corner.

His friends (scally girls) stayed on the train and were literally covered in the stuff.

I know I shouldn’t laugh… but HA!

(and no, I don’t feel guilty as it was their own silly fault for being underage and overdoing it by letting their mate drink more than he could handle, plus no-one was in any serious danger etc).

Oh, and one last thing on the Shayne Ward thing… getting your backing singer to sing two of the songs in their entirety is just cheating!

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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