Am I about to praise Boris Johnson? Heavens above!!

I’m going to have to try to bite my lip and not to get all political on this as am going to – begrudgingly – have to tip my hat to Boris and his cronies/chums in City Hall at the news regarding spending cuts in London and the knock on for the police force which has been released over the weekend.

BoJo has said that for each borough that spends its money on a new police officer, he will fund straight from the City coffers for a second officer – essentially, a BOGOF deal.

At a time when most councils are making cuts and slashing their police forces right down the middle, it’s quite heartening to see that City Hall is not taking the same approach and that they’ve recognised that police numbers are not something to be tampered with! Also of note, it suggests we’re getting more officers rather than community support officers, which will really boost the oomph behind the Capital!

Still voting for Ken all the way in the next election though!! 😉

Mayor launches ‘buy one get one free’ scheme to fund more officers

26 FEBRUARY 2011

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has announced a unique ‘buy one get one free’ scheme to recruit more police officers in collaboration with local councils.

For every new police officer a borough pays for, the Mayor will ‘match fund’ the post and recruit another officer. This means boroughs will effectively be given two police officers for the price of one – a huge boost to the numbers of uniformed officers patrolling local streets.

The boroughs will be able to use the new posts to address councils specific local crime concerns – from more cops tackling night time anti-social behaviour, to extra officers targeting burglary or serious youth violence.

The scheme is part of a total extra funding package for the Met of £42 million the Mayor has saved from reserves and prioritised for additional police funding in the capital.

The Mayor Boris Johnson said: “This ingenious “buy one get one free” scheme will boost more police officers in every corner of our city. Tackling crime remains my greatest priority and I implore boroughs to grab this opportunity to secure more police and hit local crime hard. As councils across London are balancing their budgets, this scheme will give them even more crime fighting capability. “

Each borough has received a letter inviting them to get involved with the new scheme and many have already expressed an interest in participating.

Leader of Redbridge Council Keith Prince said: “Crime is the number one concern of most people in the capital. Even in Redbridge where crime is relatively low, anti social behaviour can ruin people’s lives. This scheme will make a real difference to the safety and well being of our residents. The extra police presence will mean we can really target crime hot spots.”

The scheme will start on 1 April 2011 and the Mayor is encouraging boroughs to take up the offer as soon as possible, to get the maximum value for their local residents.

Earlier this month the Mayor announced an additional £42m for police funding, making the Met Police the only force in the country to hire and increase its number of uniformed police officers. The Mayor’s plans will also protect safer neighbourhood teams in every borough and put an additional fully warranted 413 police officers onto the transport network

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