End of an era – Sundays

Just a quick blog post to document that as of this evening, I’ve now stopped working in the office on a Sunday!!!

All came about rather quickly and was pretty much decided whilst I was away in Iceland; however being in the office on a Sunday has been a pretty significant project for me and I’m pleased that I’ve been able to see if from conception to conclusion – resulting in two and a half years worth of Sundays being spent in work, usually totally by myself! It’s something that has allowed me to take a lot of control over a particular key process within the business, which I really liked and I was pretty much left alone to run it as I saw fit.

If I am honest, I’m REALLY going to miss (most aspects of) it!

The thing that I’ll miss most though is the ability to just ‘be myself’ in the office space! Most people will know that I tend to crank up the music on a Sunday and have a bit of a sing/dance around the office whilst I work, and admittedly it’s this aspect that I’m going to miss most heh. I won’t miss frequently getting caught out by Directors who happened to pop in unannounced and who caught me in the middle of delivering my best ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina‘ – veeeeery embarrassing hehe!!

Anyway, not that interesting for most, and nobody else will appreciate the significance to me I reckon, however this is a blog, and I do blog personal stuff from time to time, so neeeeeer! hehe 😛

Now that I’m doing Mon-Fri once again, I need to find me a decent set of headphones so that I can drown out all the office back-noise – if anyone has any affordable suggestions, please do let me know – after a headset rather than plugs if possible (even better would be something wireless!!).

Oh, and if anyone wants to invite me around/out for a Sunday Roast Dinner, I’d bite your hand off! I’ve been missing these ever since I started this Sunday malarkey and nothing would make me happier hehe!! ^_^

Thanks for reading!

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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