Kylie – Get Out Of My Way

LOVE! This is the brand new, just been released, video for Kylie’s forthcoming single, Get Out Of My Way. You can never go wrong with topless hawties in my opinion – and red outfit is clearly filthy Kylie!! Totally my new commuter song (complete with that fabulous little ‘get out of my way’ hand-flap!) 😛

If I Could Be With You Now – Bobby Joyner & Dean Nolen

An absolutely phenomenally good song, from one of my all-time favourite movies, Latter Days. Though I’ve listened to it on and off over the years, this has been on constant loop on my iPod over the last few days. It’s an absolutely gorgeous track! Readers, I defy you to show me a more beautiful song […]

Cheryl Cole – Parachute

Despite my initial dislike of the song (see my review of her album), I have done an about-turn on my original thoughts and now rather like this song! I maintain that I like it mainly due to the melody and fabulous orchestrations, but concede that this is actually a rather good song overall.

Spontaneous outbursts of singing!

Forgetting all about that contrived (but still rather cool) dance piece at Liverpool Street the other month… something genuinely spontaneous happened on my rail replacement bus home last night. The driver was playing some pretty good songs over the speaker system (Pretty Woman, Brown Eyed Girl, a couple of Elvis tracks, some 80s air-grabbing power […]

I Am Chicken!

Yet another great clip from Sesame Street! I’ve been humming this one all chuffin’ evening and can’t get it out of my head. Good thing that I’m not having chicken for tea tonight is all I can say, otherwise I’d be unstopable hehe! At this rate, I’m going to have posted enough ‘amazing’ Sesame Street clips […]