REVIEW: Nativity, The Musical!

I’ll start off by telling you something… last night things were ‘pretty cool’ in Manchester!

Nope – not just talking about the rather bitter and frosty weather, I’m talking about the giant earworm that was Nativity, The Musical!‘s opening night at The Palace Theatre Manchester.

I, like most adults I think, adore the three awesome films by Debbie Isitt, however, and I’ll probably get shot down for saying it, I think that I enjoyed the stage version just that little bit more!!!

Getting down to business, of the big kids, I thought Daniel Boys was great in the role of Paul Maddens, and, after seeing him be really goofy in the original Rock Of Ages West-End Production, I found myself strangely enjoying Simon Lipkin‘s performance last night. I was worried that the character of Mr Poppy would come across as idiotic, immature and ‘in-your-face’ but instead, Mr Poppy on stage was a really great and lovable character and I could have watched him all night. Full credit – total 180º turn on my part. How do I sign up to the fan club? 😛

Notable mentions also for Derek Aidoo and Jalisa Andrews, the on-stage swings, who kept dragging my eyes towards them whenever they were on the stage.

Now, to the kids…. I don’t really care which ‘group’ of kids I got to see last night – simply, they were fantastic and I’m sure that all the other groups will be too. Honestly, I’m not a fan of kids in general, and especially not in a theatre setting, but by jove, they all stole the night! It’s probably a bit unfair to pick anyone out, as everyone was SO good, but the thing that made me laugh the most was probably the pure adult-like sass coming from little Katelyn-Janet Rollason as she swung around in the stage on the star.

At the moment, there is no recording of the stage production I believe – I sincerely hope that changes soon, I’m walking around my house this morning humming all the tunes. (speaking of the score, did anyone else notice the cheeky Jesus Christ Superstar riff during Gordon Shakespeare’s nativity masterpiece? Those lashes sounded incredibly familiar, if not slightly rearranged for what I presume are sensible reasons, ha!)

HUGE new fan of this show, I thought there was a little lull in Act Two but otherwise it’s crazy insane fun that you need to go see – I guarantee you that you’ll be grinning from ear-to-ear until Christmas. I’m so glad that I chose Nativity, The Musical! as my family’s festive theatre outing this year, and I highly recommend it to kids of all ages – from 2 to 95!

Nativity, The Musical! is at the Palace Theatre, Manchester, until December 3rd, when it continues to ‘Sparkle and Shine’ on its national tour, which I hear is to star Louis Walsh in the small role of ‘The Hollywood Producer’ during the London dates.

More info can be found on the official website.

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