A Cancer Related Kick In The Teeth

… or the thyroid to be more accurate.

Turns out the super-charged super-doses of radiotherapy that I needed to help get rid of the brain tumour back in 2014 has completely bollocksed up my immune system.

Causes many problems which I won’t go in to now – but it explains things like the uncontrollable weight gain and the soul crushing fatigue I experience daily.

Just been put on some tablets which I’m pretty much likely to have to take ‘for life’ and I’ll admit after so long after working so hard to get tablet free, and with me being so many years ‘post’, this, for now, feels like a massive kicker…

I know it’s hardly the end of the World and that though life is going to continue to be a little more difficult, at least I still kicked Cancer’s butt, and I’ve always said NO REGRETS to any decisions I made at the time, and I stand by that 100%.

Still, at least it’s only for another 40-50 years or so 😉

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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