REVIEW: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie (Apollo Theatre, London)

Having heard good things about Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, I decided to buy a ticket to see it on Thursday just gone.

It was the predictable story that I was expecting but nevertheless, an emotionally charged show with one or two key songs that I’ve not stopped singing for days now. The concept album has been on repeat (but the songs do work better in the theatre).

I had a thoroughly entertaining evening and whilst everyone was fantastic, there were a few notable mentions who shone out: Luke Bayer was on as Jamie, and after a slightly shaky start I bought in to him as Jamie – he gave a fantastic performance. Josie Walker‘s singing voice is sublime,  and Lucie Shorthouse as Pritti was my star person of the night. Looking through the cast list online, I’m not sure of who I’m referring to (apologies – possibly a shorter haired Ryan Hughes?)  but the chap in the blue hoodie who had some pretty amazing dance moves really caught my eye in every ensemble scene.

The big shame is that there’s only a concept album available at the moment, which, whilst a half-decent recording, I feel it doesn’t really capture the energy of the show, or come close to the vocals from the amazing cast. I’m really hoping for an OLC recording.

In terms on the staging, I found it very mixed. I thought it was supposed to be set in the 1980s, but often modern references and technology were used in the staging. In the end, I just had to further suspend my belief and just go with it as was.

The actual stage and lighting designs were very good.

All in all, a very entertaining evening, I’d certainly see it again. I’d recommend it, but I’d probably suggest you might want to prioritise other West End offerings and wait to see if it tours first.

The show is currently playing at The Apollo Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, London and tickets can be bought via the show’s official website.  The show starts at 19:30, and the final curtain is around 22:15.


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