Brighton Pride 2008

So, the first of several catch-up posts :- BRIGHTON PRIDE On Saturday 2nd August 2008, Greg and I decided that we would go down to Brighton Pride. I’d never been to Brighton before, and it had been years since Greg had been. I was also rather surprised to find that this was to be Mr […]

The British Army takes Pride in it’s appearance

From The Times June 14, 2008 Soldiers can wear their uniforms with pride at gay parade, says MoD Damian Barr and Lucy Bannerman Combat trousers and dog tags have long been in fashion at London’s annual Gay Pride parade. However, this year, for the first time, real soldiers will be allowed to wear the military […]

Manchester Pride – Tickets Now Onsale!

WOO! I meant to post this back on May 1st but have been slightly caught up in a few things since then. Official ticketing information is below (and in more detail on their newly revamped website, which has lots of other Pride related news and goodies too); please make sure that you support Manchester Pride […]

The Lost Weekend

Ello pop-pickers, First of all, I’d just like to give a quick nod to the new additions to my blog if I may. There is now the option to subscribe to my blog, which can be found on the right hand navigation pane. This application will email you any new posts that are made and […]