The Lost Weekend

Ello pop-pickers,

First of all, I’d just like to give a quick nod to the new additions to my blog if I may. There is now the option to subscribe to my blog, which can be found on the right hand navigation pane. This application will email you any new posts that are made and send them directly to your inbox – and I have checked this out and they don’t spam etc. – woo!! 😀 Be good to see lots of subscriptions on there so that I know that at least some folk out there care about my ramblings and what I’m up to hehe!!

I have also added what few Blogger posts remain to this blog (anything pre-2008) and there is a RSS feed of posts linked from my old MySpace blog on the right hand side too. Only the latest ten are shown, and so if you visit my old and fairly out of date MySpace page on you can get the full blog from there – which naturally I recommend doing hehe.

So, “The Lost Weekend” has come about as I have spent the weekend doing absolutely jack all. As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been on a three day weekend and so it was nice to have a very pleasant and relaxed Friday away from home, and I guess that Saturday and Sunday haven’t been *too* bad. If you were to ask me how I’ve passed the time though, I have no idea!! I wish I could remember hehe – the majority of it has been spent chatting to friends online or making new ones which is always nice.

Chris P did manage to make me grr-anoyed though by pointing out that not only am I nearly 23, as per my previous posting, but I am now on the wrong side of the 20 – 25 age-group… so I’m also closer to being in my mid-twenties than my early twenties… just when I thought that I couldn’t feel any older hehe!!

On Saturday I was tempted to go buy a camera from Morgan Computers; and even went as far as to Oxford Street to go and make my purchase. However, I popped into the Three store on the way down and they said I can upgrade my phone from Saturday onwards – yay!!  I am going to be SO glad to get rid of the hunk of junk that I’ve currently been landed with! Gonna try and get the N95 I think.  I’ve also decided that I really wanna buy the SingStar Rock Ballads bundle – so I am on the look out for a lovely sugar-daddy to purchase it for me, as nobody’s bought me a gift since I’ve moved down here  *cries* lol!! Failing that, I will be ordering it online later on in the week hehe!! I’ve still yet to start playing Kingdom Hearts II and Final Fantasy XII too.

I’m thinking of trying to organise a trip for Sunday lunch this week, as it’s been a few weeks since I last had a roast dinner, and I’ve not really been eating this past month or so, which worries me slighty. I also have a few other engagements to keep this week, and am looking forward to Kuesday drinks as always  – shyness is starting to wear off now thankfully, just hope that people aren’t thinking that I’m being rude… I’m aware that in previous random social situations some people have, understandably, mistakenly perceived me to be unapproachable and standoffish when really I’m just a lil too shy to say hello.   So all the more reason to get over being shy hehe – it’s my goal for the week!

I am also thinking of organising a trip up to Manchester Pride this summer and would be very interested in hearing from anyone who’s interested in coming along and would ask them to contact me over the next week or so – I can’t remember my GMail account details, so please direct any emails through to for the time being (this is my old webspace – I really do need a new one – suggestions? meh! – I’ll update the email address once I get another one up and running). Manchester Pride is fantastic and the best pride event in this country in my opinion. I was silly enough to stay in London and miss it last year, and so I am adamant that I’m going along this year hehe!

Mini-crisis tonight – I ran out of tonic water *cries* – so my last G&T for the night has just been poured and is about 10 parts gin to 1 part tonic water hehe.

Right-o, that’s enough for tonight me thinks, dreading going in to work tomorrow as it will be my first full week in the office since like November hehe! That said, I am off all of the week after and still need to organise my trip down to Manchester (think I will go down on the Sunday morning so that I’ve had time for the probable hangover to hush-quiet over the Saturday and intend to be back in time for Kuesday drinks on the 26th heh)

I’ve also noticed that I’ve started using words like hush-quiet and grr-angry in everyday conversation – curious! Something to keep a tab on one doth thinks! hehe.

Hope that everyone has had a good weekend, thanks for reading, and subscribe to me you wenches!! 😛 hehe!


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