Manchester and the coming week

Cor, another post – I am doing well heh!

This one is just a quick note really; I’ve just confirmed my details for my trip oop norf later in the month (Sun 24th – Tues 26th).  Going up on the Sunday morning, arriving at lunchtime, heading home on Tuesday at 16:00 to arrive back for 18:30 (so I’ll definately be back in time for Kuesday drinks, yay) – now all that I need is a hunky man to come meet me at the station and come help me carry my bags/escort me (both in Manchester and in London hehe!). If anyone’ll be about (either for station duty or in general whilst I’m away heh) , drop me a line and we’ll have to see what we can arrange :o)

 Manchester Piccadilly - Aerial / Night Time

Today’s been a weird day, few questions got answered, few more came up, my poor lil head is just gonna give up thinking about everything and let it sort itself out. I’m kinda getting tired of being Mr Nice-Guy and need to start putting me and my interests first. In addition to this, I’m hopeful that I can begin to get back to normal after next Wednesday, though I’m not entirely sure how that will pan out and have mixed feelings about a lot of things surrounding that issue. It’s not something that I am particularly wanting to talk about though I am only mentioning it in passing in case anyone’s noticed the recent shift in my moods, know a few people have commented. Meh, we’ll see anyway. 

NB – is it wrong of me to have spent the remaining couple of quid in cash that I had in my pocket tonight (which I’d designated for buying my baby nephew’s first ever birthday card) on tonic water in order that I could solve the gin and tonic crisis?! Even though I’ll buy a birthday card tomorrow, and I have plenty of cash in the bank that I can get to once I get my replacement debit card tomorrow,  I feel úber guily now! But I have lots of gin and lots of tonic; so it will be at least a week before the crisis hits again and I’ll be better prepared this time!

The ‘Nations’ application on my facebook gave me the coolest response to one of my actions today;

 Commander Gari resolved an issue in the Kingdom of Soliloquy

Super-human soldiers resembling Gari were created to defend the nation from potential alien attacks.

Social diary has padded out OK this week, Kuesday drinks tomorrow night, off to see Strictly Come Dancing in a private suite at The O2 on Wednesday with Tom (which should be lots of fun – who says my employment doesn’t have perks?) and then Thursday is just another day as far as I’m concerned, though I have had a very kind offer of a back-up plan which I think that I’ll probably be taking up. Saturday will be spent upgrading my phone and going along to David R’s belated birthday drinks – also might be meeting a chap from Thingbox for a social drink too me thinks.   My week off is still looking rather bleak though so I’m very open to the idea of people booking it up for me hehe! 

Hope everyone’s well, and thanks for reading! xx

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Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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