Brighton Pride 2008

So, the first of several catch-up posts :- BRIGHTON PRIDE

On Saturday 2nd August 2008, Greg and I decided that we would go down to Brighton Pride. I’d never been to Brighton before, and it had been years since Greg had been. I was also rather surprised to find that this was to be Mr Greg’s first pride!

Alas, the weather was a little icky on the way out there (London Bridge –> Brighton) and when we got to Brighton and took our position near to the church to wait and watch the parade go by, it was raining somewhat – gah! My hair was ruined!

Greg took the below picture which I think really captures the momentum and purpose of the parade:-

I love how the splash of colour contrasts with it's comparatively mundane surroundings

I love how the splash of colour contrasts with the rather normal/mundane aspects of the life around him.

Greg also managed to get a few other pictures of folk in the parade (though has only uploaded a few so far as he took that many!):-


All in all, a parade which wasn’t all that different from the Manchester pride parade to be honest. The same groups were represented and for me, gave it a really homely feel.

After the parade, we headed off to have a look around Brighton, and ended up on Brighton Pier. Had a good ol’ nosy around and went right to the end, before heading back and treating ourselves to Fish and Chips on the pier – yum! I was also amazed at how clean/green the sea was – that said, I am used to the scummy water at Blackpool – ugh!

After finally finding a hat that I really liked (I’m not normally a hat person, but the rain really had buggered my hair!) we headed down to Preston Park to meet up with friends and while away the afternoon. Huge crowds down there, largely well behaved, though I was surprised and a little disappointed by how much drug taking was going on by folk (not our group, I hasten to add – we’re all well behaved… well, in that sense! :oP).

I also had some crazy lady try and pretend that she was my ‘Mum’… that was… erm… interesting! When she turned around and we could see the remnants of a line of cocaine under her nose… well, that explained a lot!

After much gaiety in the park, we headed over to the Hilton Metropole on the seafront as a good friend of ours, David,  was hosting a soirée in his suite to which we’d been invited, along with several others from the group.

The room had a GORGEOUS and terribly romantic view of the old pier – never mind the gathering, I could have remained out on that balcony with the view all night!  (Thanks to David for allowing me to post the below picture that he took of the view)

The soirée was a lot of fun, and a really great way of catching up with folk who I’d not seen in a while!

Getting home was a bit of a nightmare; though it could have been a lot worse. It took 4 hours to get from Brighton back home (it took 90 mins total on the way) partly due to huge queues for trains, having to interchange at Clapham Junction for London Bridge and then having to get a night bus home.

All in all, Greg and I had a smashing time and really enjoyed ourselves. For anyone interested in seeing more pictures of our escapades in Brighton, both mine and Greg’s Facebook profiles carry further pictures from the day.

Roll on Manchester Pride next weekend!!

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