Harvey Milk receives posthumous top US award

I must say, I am VERY pleased to hear about Harvey Milk (and the other recipients) receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom over in the US, especially having just recently sat down to watch the 2008 film, Milk, and my current obsession with learning all about him. Definitely well deserved in my opinion, and just […]

Manchester Pride 2009 : Tickets now onsale!

WHOOP! I’m already rather planned for this; I sorted my hotel and whatnot way back on Boxing Day 2008, and am sorting myself out with Big Weekend Tickets over this holiday weekend. Excitement took over I think heh! Hopefully this year, whilst they’re giving out all of the stickers, cards and fun stuff at the […]

Dawn Goes Lesbian

Oh my giddy Aunt! I have just watched something on BBC Three that has somewhat broken me! Had a lovely night in with my housemate, Lauren, this evening. We went off to the chippy and then we sat in with the TV and ended up watching a programme called Dawn Goes Lesbian. From the title […]