Dawn Goes Lesbian

Oh my giddy Aunt!

I have just watched something on BBC Three that has somewhat broken me!

Had a lovely night in with my housemate, Lauren, this evening. We went off to the chippy and then we sat in with the TV and ended up watching a programme called Dawn Goes Lesbian. From the title alone we knew that it was going to make crap TV, but it was the best of a bad lot, so, as you do, we thought “why not?” hehe! The synopsis is below…

Dawn Porter immerses herself in the world of `women only’ and investigates what it’s like to be a lesbian. She adheres to a set of strict rules including an enforced `man ban’ and throws herself into Soho’s gay scene, even taking a job at one of London’s busiest lesbian bars. Plus, Dawn speaks to experts on female sexuality, and a scientific probe measuring sexual responses throws up some surprising results.

Dawn Porter

The gist basically being that this Dawn woman wants to try being a lesbian for a month to see if she can do it and to see if it’s possible for her to renounce the need for a man etc.

Rather than see this as a serious programme, we could do nothing but giggle as it really was done in poor taste and at some points we were in hysterics! Key moments included…

  • Watching Dawn put some vaginal proberer thing up her chuff that an old man gave her so that they could monitor sexual desire towards men, and then towards women. (Yes, the man was an older guy, quite portly, and seemed to specialise in vaginal pokings).
  • Dawn tried to bag herself some fanny by heading on to GaydarGirls – the only image that the TV show gave us from this site was of some 50 year old woman stood butt naked on her balcony, with her shrivelled boobies forced through two circular holes in her iron-work fence! It was CLEARLY a very cold day. (I daren’t post it on a public blog, but do have the screen-cap if anyone wants it? LOL!) This was the moment in the documentary when I broke!! Lauren and I were rolling around on the floor for a good ten minutes hehe!
  • They went to a “drag king” bar in Brighton and they asked one of the revellers there “what’s your cock made out of?”;  “a lemon and a strawberry” came her serious reply hehe!
  • Dawn also went into a “lesbian sex shop” and Lauren and I both spotted The Cone – VERY scary bit of kit hehe!

I also noticed that some of this show was filmed downstairs at Ku on a Ruby Tuesday so I was racking my memory quite rapidly to make sure that I hadn’t been there at the same time as any camera crews had been hehe.

On a serious note, I felt that this documentary/programme was flawed on so many levels. It seemed to be reducing the idea of ‘gay’ down to novelty entertainment, which I guess isn’t new in UK media, but at the end of it, Dawn renounced the whole thing as a waste of time, and was right back onto men the second she left the lesbian house-share that she’d been put up in for the month. Dawn at one point also commented on the style of clothing of her housemates saying “wow, you don’t dress at all like lesbians”.  Perhaps I’m being a little funny about all of this, but to me, it just didn’t sit right.

Apparently, and I’m surprised, this is a series and I’ve caught episode 2 of 4, and so god knows what the other episodes will be like – I for one won’t be catching any more of them. Tonight’s episode is on BBC iPlayer for anyone who fancies a giggle at Dawn and who doesn’t mind her stereotypical view points and general ditziness.

This reminded me of another programme which has a title that seems quite apt to mention having just endured what I have… “Fear of Fanny”!!! When it comes to talking about ladybits, I’m definitely glad to be a gay! hehe.

Thanks for reading xx

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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  1. JillAri

    I watched this and at times I found it totally cringeworthy. Having moved from London several years ago I wondered if the Lesbian scene had changed much and I was surprised to find it had… The women seemed more choosy, at one time Dawn would have got a shag just by walking through the door as she’d have been ‘fresh meat’ I thought she was so self absorbed and obviously at the places she usually goes to to pull the guys can’t be that fussy. She seemed shocked that no one was chatting her up. I felt the programme was patronising and sometimes quite offensive.


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