Lunar Eclipse – 03:01/03:59 21 Feb 2008

OK, so perhaps it’s time I let you guys in on a bit of a secret… deep down at heart I am a complete geek! What? Not a secret I hear you cry?! “PFFT” cries I in your general direction! :oP

So, as some of you may know, I was rather excited about the prospect of a lunar eclipse this morning. It’ll be the last one that’s visible from the United Kingdom until 2015 and they are classed as “rare” by experts. There was a partial eclipse last year that I can remember viewing from my balcony in Manchester, but I’ve never ever seen a full one.

There was a HUGE event set up for this on Facebook (over 1.5 million people invited, hundreds of wall posts per minute during totality) and it’s kinda awesome to see people posting opinions and pictures of it as it is happening. Right now, billions of people could potentially be looking up at the skies, united together under the image of the same blood-red moon etc (romanicised and flamboyant imagery that I’m drumming up, I know). A humbling notion, maybe; a cool ‘once in a lifetime’ spectacle, if you get the right view, definitely!

Typically, Muswell Hill has been a sea of mist and fog for the past two weeks. Seriously, it’s not lifted during this period! Unfortunately tonight is no different and so I’ve not been able to take any pictures, as although I have my new wonder-phone, it cannot perform miracles, though it does have a wonderful way of helping me control those little voices that sometimes pop into my head after a weird ringing noise hehe.

Therefore, for your viewing pleasure, here is a stock photo of a lunar eclipse. Lets all ‘oooo’ together shall we? ‘Oooooo’ :o)

Lunar Eclipse

Kinda glad that I didn’t arrange some kind of gathering for this event now or decide to plan a trip up to Hampstead observatory as one would presume the cloud and fog would have made it just as difficult to see properly.  The fleeting glimpses that I have managed to catch in between cloud breaks have been fabulous enough to satisfy my curiosity and make it worth staying up for, though here’s hoping that 2015 brings with it some clearer skies!

Thanks for reading xx

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