Manchester Pride 2009 : Tickets now onsale!



I’m already rather planned for this; I sorted my hotel and whatnot way back on Boxing Day 2008, and am sorting myself out with Big Weekend Tickets over this holiday weekend. Excitement took over I think heh!

Hopefully this year, whilst they’re giving out all of the stickers, cards and fun stuff at the parade, I won’t only get targetted by the STD people…! Oh, the shame!!!

The Early Bird tickets for this year’s event went onsale on 1st May.

Big Weekend Tickets are currently priced at £12.50. Daily tickets are also available in advance at £10 per day.

(NB –  prices will go up to £17.50 for Big Weekend after 1 July 2009, and prices for all Adult ticket types at the Box Office on the day will be significantly higher)

Although tickets do not ‘sell out’ per sé (there’s usually unlimited quantity), the hike in price is a good enough reason to buy them early if you already know that you’ll be going is it not?!

In my opinion, you’re best off buying the tickets in person at the usual outlets in Manchester so as to avoid the booking/delivery fee, though if that’s not possible, or if you want to book online, you can do so via See Tickets.

Can’t wait to be back home and partying like anything once again! Manchester Pride is definitely one of the highlights of the year.



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