Manchester Pride Parade 2009 : Video Pictures

So, I have FINALLY gotten around to sharing my Manchester Pride pictures! I spent so long working on videos for them on several different platforms when I got back, I completely forgot to share them… then got sick of the sight of them, and now have remembered to post heh. I may post some of […]

Manchester Pride 2009: The Parade

Blimey, I’ve been back a few weeks now and have had very little time to get my Manchester Pride 2009 pictures on my blog! It took me a whole day to create a video file for our friends and family, and another day to sort all of the pictures out before I could do that, […]

Countdown to Manchester Pride 2009 trip

As much as I usually enjoy my job, I really cannot wait for the opportunity to take some much earned time off and go back home to Manchester for Manchester Pride. So much so, that I have a countdown clock on my work computer’s desktop marking the (slowly) deminishing time between me and the end […]