Chance encounter on South Bank

Blimey… on my way into work this morning I happened to walk past (almost into!) entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne who was out for a run on the South Bank. I am not all that good around the idea of ‘celebrity’ as I am sure that many people would just rather be left alone, especially on their […]

TheGymGroup – Vauxhall

So, I figured that it was about time that I wrote a review of the gym that I have joined, as promised in my earlier post heh! I now go to TheGymGroup‘s gym in Vauxhall, and I have to say that it is, in my opinion, a very decent gym and comes recommended to anyone […]

The Gym Group

Dare I say it, but I have once again signed up at a gym! I’ve not been to a gym in London before, namely as they all appear substandard, overly busy, and certainly not worth the inflated prices that they charge down here.  As an example, my employers have a deal with an unnamed gym […]

Argh, it’s the summer!

So, it’s the summer, all the ‘beautiful people’ are out and about with their tops off, muscles out, and once again, I feel awful! I’ve always had quite a low self-image, despite never really having a lack of attention (weird, I know). I think that I am quite a shy person, and despite occasionally being […]