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Dare I say it, but I have once again signed up at a gym!

I’ve not been to a gym in London before, namely as they all appear substandard, overly busy, and certainly not worth the inflated prices that they charge down here.  As an example, my employers have a deal with an unnamed gym company who I think are awful… and despite us being a large company with what would be perceived as a ‘good’ offer, it would still cost me £60 per month!

When I was back in Manchester, I used to be a member of Holmes Place for around £25-30 pcm, and that had top notch facilities!

However, recently I’ve started to feel rather fat and as if I’ve been putting on weight, so was looking around for a gym to join… and then stumbled across The Gym Group.


The Gym Group is one, of several companies around the country I might add, that are offering gym membership for ridiculously low prices. In my case, for the Vauxhall –  London gym, I am currently on £14.99 per month, one off £20 joining fee. There are no contracts, and I can cancel at any point simply by cancelling my Direct Debit. As it doesn’t need a full-time staff, the gym is open 24 hours a day. You pretty much manage your membership yourself too.

They largely manage to keep costs down by doing away with a pool and having minimal staff on site. Indeed, it is a fairly autonomous/self-service process – from arriving to leaving. You can arrange for a trainer to meet you at the gym if you require one, but staff will not be on site unless specifically booked to be there by a paying member.

According to industry ‘experts’, this is the future for gyms and so we can expect to see this business model repeated time and time again. I believe the model has shown great potential across Europe already. No doubt it will be a big success in the UK too, (similar companies I’ve seen in Manchester, for example, are also doing well out of this apparently), and I have to say, it makes the gym and having membership a much more attractive option for me now.

To get all of the information and concept of The Gym Group, a visit to their website is probably the best bet.

Here’s hoping that I am able to make good use of the facilities, and that I manage to find times when they’re not too busy (I readily accept that 5-10pm is going to be a nightmare, and will  try and avoid – for my own benefit, of course!). I will probably go on my days off (one weekday, one weekend) and one evening. Some of my friends live in the building above the gym, so they can go at all kinds of ungodly hours – lucky them! The upshot of that though is that I can either go with them to the gym, or pay them a visit on the way home, so it’s not all bad and may actually encourage me to go heh!!

My induction session is on Thursday evening, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all works and whether or not I rate it – look out for future blog posts heh! 🙂

NB/UPDATE: – My thoughts on TheGymGroup Vauxhall are HERE.

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