Love Never Dies – October 8th 2009

Looking at the new website for ‘Love Never Dies’ (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical sequel to Phantom), there is to be an announcement on October 8th 2009.

It is pretty much a cert that this announcement will be the ticket onsale for this show, with preview performances at the Adelphi set to start in January, for an opening night in March 2010.

Casting has already been confirmed for the leads; Sierra Boggess and Ramin Karimloo as Christine and the Phantom respectively.

There has been a teaser trailer for the production posted on the ‘Love Never Dies’ website. (trailer also shown below)

A lot of Phantom footage, and some dated footage, with nothing really from the production itself… slightly disappointing considering that the production must be at a late stage of development by now… you’d think they could get a few press shots together really!

Love Never Dies is set on Coney Island, New York in 1907 – ten years after the original story.

In 1907 New York, the mysterious ‘Maestro’ who runs the theatre at Coney Island announces a one-off concert by legendary Parisian soprano Christine Daaé. Her arrival in New York with husband Raoul, Victome de Chagny and son Gustave, and their subsequent meeting with the ‘Maestro,’ bring The cataclysmic events of 10 years earlier at the Paris Opera crashing back into all their lives.”

Personally, I am not too sure about the credibility this production… a sequel sounds tacky, and I dislike the name of the show – it is a little too slapdash and ‘back of a beer-mat’ for me.

That said, as long as Lloyd Webber can recreate the same luxurious and indulgent style of score as he did for Phantom, this could, actually, turn out well.

Despite being a very big/long-term fan of Lloyd Webber, his recent work on the UK Eurovision entry (‘It’s My Time’) has really shaken my confidence in his present writing skills, as I abhorred that song… absolute tosh!

Only time will tell I guess… let’s see what October 8th brings! 🙂


UPDATE: “Love Never Dies”: Launch (posted 8th October 2009)

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