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So, I figured that it was about time that I wrote a review of the gym that I have joined, as promised in my earlier post heh!


I now go to TheGymGroup‘s gym in Vauxhall, and I have to say that it is, in my opinion, a very decent gym and comes recommended to anyone reading.

To be honest, I only wanted a gym for the fitness machines and weights, so if that’s what you’re looking for then it’s really worth looking at. If a pool and steam room etc is a must, then you’re going to need to look elsewhere I’m afraid (and pay a LOT more!).

As for how busy it gets, well that depends on when you go, as you’d expect.

As a rule, the gym is busy in the evenings, although when I had my induction there it was a Thursday evening and, although they said it was ‘very busy’, I reckon that only about 75% of equipment was in use – there was still plenty of room in the changing rooms, no queue for showers, and I didn’t queue to use any of the equipment… so it’s not *too* bad in my opinion.

If you go during the day time in the week (as I do each week) then the place is practically deserted – which is fabulous.

As it has only just opened, I reckon it’ll be really quiet in about 6 months once people stop going and the initial novelty dies off.

A lot of the people who go there are already rather buff (erk! heh) so I also figure that if folk who take fitness rather seriously go to this gym, it can’t be all that basic 🙂

I have a few good friends who I sometimes bump into at the gym too, which helps with motivation and whatnot.

Equipment is all new and good too – there’s plenty of it!

It seems a very aspirational gym in a way, I always get stopped in the vacinity of the gym itself and asked to provide an opinion of it to someone hovering outside and thinking of joining up, and I’ve had one or two queries online too. It’s like being one of the Air Hostesses of the 60s and 70s heh!

If you want a look at the gym, I’d suggest that you head on over to The GymGroup’s Vauxhall website and look at the ‘tour’ video (and ‘equipment’ page) – it looks just as it does there. Day passes are available for people just wanting to try it out, and they have several other sites other than Vauxhall.

If you do decide to join up, do let me know your thoughts too! 🙂

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