Chance encounter on South Bank

Blimey… on my way into work this morning I happened to walk past (almost into!) entrepreneur Duncan Bannatyne who was out for a run on the South Bank.

I am not all that good around the idea of ‘celebrity’ as I am sure that many people would just rather be left alone, especially on their own time,  so I gave what I imagine was a shy goofy smile and then kept walking – I hate to think that I could be intruding on their privacy!

Naturally, I tweeted that I had seen Mr B as that was something of a highlight for the morning.

On reflection this tweet was a little crass at the end, and had I known what was going to happen next, I definitely wouldn’t have said that!!

Duncan then re-tweeted my status update on Twitter and confirmed that it was true, that it was him I’d seen, and also joked that I should have joined in (I’ve been avoiding the gym since Dec… so it’d have been embarasssing even if I had done ha!).

I was thrilled to get a personal reply, but quickly apologised for any crass’ness on the tweet heh. Fortunately, Mr B didn’t seem to mind 🙂 (which is lucky, as I do very much admire his business acumen – I’m not materialistic… much! 😉 heh).

I really do like how ‘in touch’ twitter can put you with celebrities and other well known people, and it is still strange to me and my Mancunian ways that you can walk past someone completely ‘random’ on a street and then a few hours later have a brief online exchange with them!

I also seem to have gained a number of new twitter followers from Duncan’s re-tweet, as well as a few celebrity bots re-tweeting me too it seems (ooo, I’ve been pap bott’d), which is marvellous! I hope they’re not expecting me to be a business or fitness guru though…! 😉

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