Sasha Allen <3 !

Tonight, I was watching CAMP, and I realised once again, just how much I fckn LOVE Sasha Allen! The thing that I most like about the opening number is that it kinda mirrors the opening sequence of the movie version of HAIR (click here), in which the camera revolves around a strong, striking woman singing […]

Return To The Forbidden Planet

I’ve recently re-discovered uber-geeky, phenominally camp, and all round fantastic Olivier Award winning Brit musical from 1989/1990; Return To The Forbidden Planet. For anyone, such as I, who is a super-awesome hybrid of musical theatre buff, all round nerdy geek, sci-fi enthusiast and lover of rock and roll,  THIS is the musical for you! 😛 […]

Geocities – My First Web Page

Heavens above! With all the social media attention going to Geocities at the moment (it closes today after nearly 15 years – strange to think it was a pioneer back in 1995), I thought I’d have a root around and try and see if I could find my old account. I honestly wasn’t expecting to […]