Musical Theatre Flashback – STARMITES

Recently, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with geeky/cheesy 80s musical, Starmites – a show which has all but been banished to the annals of history, and which, in all likelihood, despite the popularity that it has with school groups in the US, will never see a fully-blown professional stage production ever again (boo!).

The thing to note here is that the above clip comes from the 1989 TONY AWARDS ceremony, and so to some degree, and despite running on Broadway for fewer than 100 shows, it was being taken pretty ‘seriously’ by the powers that be (and it even won the Best Choreography award from the SIX that it was nominated for).

Of course, the whole thing is totally whacked, and the story is just one of those that you simply have to just go along with and never question, but I defy you to not be humming some of the songs for days and days on end.

After stumbling across this show, I instantly looked up the 1999 ‘original cast’ recording and, finding that it was pretty hard to get hold of from any reputable online retailer, settled for an import option from the USA. Having had the album on a constant loop for almost a month now, I hasten to add that I think the investment was very much worth it, and this little cheesy ‘under-dog’ of a show, has rapidly made a mark on me, and the shows that I view as ‘favourites’.

Well worth having a listen on YouTube if you can find any other clips, alternately, I’d definitely suggest taking the plunge and buying the album if you can source it – just don’t expect Les Mis, and everything will be dandy! 😛

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