Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow

OH MY GOSH! How fabulous is this?! It was shared with me online, and I thought that I’d blog it so that ya’ll could have a giggle too! (well… if people will share things with me anonymously via formspring…! ;)). The additional information below has been sourced from ‘Retroland‘ There was once a time when […]

Children In Need 2009 – Highlights

Just thought I’d post a few clips that I really enjoyed seeing on Children In Need 2009. This year’s amazing official CiN single, masterminded by the ever fantastic Peter Kay: Great to see Mrs Goggins and some of the old Watch With Mother characters back on the telly! 😉 Paddington as a Rock Diva was […]

3D Week – Channel Four

I have to say, I am rather excited about 3D week on Channel Four! If all the gadget pundits are to be believed, 3D TV is the next generation of how we watch television in our own homes, and it’s not as far off as some of us may have thought! With respect to this, […]

Sesame Street Golden Moments

I was just perusing Thingbox and noticed that there was a thread that users were posting their favourite Sesame Street moments to. I’d forgotten how much I absolutely love Sesame Street and especially their musical numbers, they are simply amazing! (I really wish we could enter that one for Eurovision!! hehe) (I defy you not […]