Guess who’s back?

Yes, sorry I’ve been away, I’m back!

Life has been pretty hectic with health (both mine and in the family) as well as my getting super involved in charity this year.

All that, plus there has been absolutely naff all on the regional theatre circuit that I’ve wanted to visit and review if I’m, honest. Sad to say 2017 is looking the same.

It doesn’t do the time justice, but here are a few highlights since we last spoke:

  • Raised around £4.5k with an art auction called ‘Curating For A Cure’ which has been a massive success and a great source of personal enjoyment
  • I also have some more exciting charity stuff coming up in the coming weeks (so apologies if I end up AWOL again).
  • I went to see the band ABC, thanks to a friend, and was front row centre, got to meet Martin Fry himself and had a brilliant night all-in-all.
  • Mum’s AML is rather up and down but she’s getting through it – she’s such a trooper. Granddad’s health unfortunately continues to decline (dementia).
  • My health has had some positives and negatives – the worst at the moment is that my Ulcerative Colitis has really flared up and is pretty uncontrollable, I had my first panic attack in 4 years the other day despite my medication  (I’m fine) and in good news, despite a lot of Cancer in the family history, I’ve had a letter from a genetics professor who thinks that none of us is particularly susceptible to the illnesses of the others in the family.
  • My mobility and general energy levels are improving from hitting rock bottom a few weeks ago. I’m still far too fat for my liking (thanks steroids and chocolate and cake!)
  • I got to use the fancy new MRI suite at The Christie the other month, it’s awesome!!
  • Visited The National Arboretum at Tetbury to see autumn colours coming in, was stunning (even for a lad who lives out in the Peak District, ha!). I took the main picture for this post (along with about a million others).

There will be loads more that I’ve missed and I don’t want to bore you with, but thanks for sticking around. I’m seeing Little Shop Of Horrors (again!) on Hallowe’en night, so another review is in the pipeline.

Thanks to the ABC gig experience, this song (Viva Love), is NEVER off my playlist at the moment!





About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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  1. Mark

    Life is a roller coaster mate…Ups & downs…Enjoy the ups as much as you can a well as the chocolate and cake..I for one have appreciated the info you have shared and this site that we can all look at for info and support..I believe everything happens for a reason…even the downs.. we learn from them and like you it helps to understand others struggles in life.Keep up the good work mate…..Corny I know….


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