Guess who’s back?

Yes, sorry I’ve been away, I’m back! Life has been pretty hectic with health (both mine and in the family) as well as my getting super involved in charity this year. All that, plus there has been absolutely naff all on the regional theatre circuit that I’ve wanted to visit and review if I’m, honest. […]

Pan Am – September 25th!

As I previously posted, towards the start of the year, I am very much excited about abc’s new drama – Pan Am, which airs on September 25th, looks like a lot of fun, and has some really fantastic casting! Here’s the full trailer, as well as several recently released promo videos: If you’re going to […]

SPOTIFY: Music from Ugly Betty (S1-4)

As many people will know, I am madly in love with Ugly Betty! (don’t even get me started on how sad I am that they’ve pulled the plug on it!). One of the things that always seems to make the show so fab is the music that they use on the episodes and so I […]


I have just finished watching FlashForward, Season One , Episode 22 (FutureShock) and I really really loved the episode which, conversely, has now made me really angry with the whole series (and I never get angry, especially over TV!!). I went into this episode knowing full well that the show had been cancelled weeks earlier, however […]

Vanessa Williams to join cast of Desperate Housewives

Vanessa Williams is to join the cast of Desperate Housewives when it returns for its next season – OH MY FREAKIN’ GOODNESS!!! 😀 I can’t explain how pant-wettingly excited I am about this! I know it’s not the most dignified way to express my excitement, but it’s a little late for regrets now! 😉 Although […]