Ugly Betty – CANCELLED!

Oi, Betty, NOOOOOOOOO! 😦 Sad times! It’s not often that I buy a DVD box set of a TV show, however Ugly Betty was the first TV series that prompted me to do this, and I am absolutely gutted that it’s been cancelled as, for me, it was one of the best TV shows there’s […]

Desperate Housewives – Seasons 1 thro’ 5 Box Set

HURRAH! The 31 DVD disc set of Desperate Housewives that I treated myself to has arrived! It’s absolutely mammoth, I cannot get one hand around it, I have to use both hands to be able to comfortably hold it around the sides. I rarely buy DVD box sets, and so I am slightly surprised that […]

Flash Forward

I have unexpectedly found myself getting excited about something that I’ve recently heard advertised on Spotify, and which will air on Channel Five in the UK (from Monday, 21:00) – the un-coolest match ever, right?! FLASH FORWARD The YouTube pretty much explains itself… I am worried it’ll get a bit too much like LOST (which […]

‘Booty Train’ – Virgin Trains Advert

I just caught the ‘Booty Train’ advert on the TV for Virgin Trains’ London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly service and have to confess; I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! A Manchester lad at heart (and a bit of a transport geek), Virgin Trains have always been my favourite way to travel. I’m also a not-so-closeted fan of […]