‘Booty Train’ – Virgin Trains Advert

I just caught the ‘Booty Train’ advert on the TV for Virgin Trains’ London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly service and have to confess; I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

A Manchester lad at heart (and a bit of a transport geek), Virgin Trains have always been my favourite way to travel.

I’m also a not-so-closeted fan of ABC, and so was only a little bit shocked when I actually started dancing (yes folks, DANCING) around my living room to this advert!

There should though be some kind of disclaimer… the people in Stoke-On-Trent are not really that colourful and attractive (though you usually do see a few nice scally/chav lads on the station heh!); and the toilets usually don’t have as good a degree of  lighting in them as they do in the advert.

Additionally, the advert really doesn’t  illustrate what it’s like being a bloke trying to have a wee whilst the Pendolino train is full tilt and doing 120mph!!! 😛

I know that the Glasgow advert got a bit of heat for Richard Branson (I’m still undecided about whether it was offensive or if people are over-reacting… I think it’s similar to Richard Madeley does Ali G…!); and there’s also a weird Virgin Trains advert going around with a giant cock (as in cockrell) too… though I am not sure how genuine the latter is/was!

Can’t wait to go back home to Manchester, though I thoroughly doubt that I’ll be able to make 10 minutes into the journey without launching into ‘The Look Of Love’  (well… you’d know I was fibbing if I tried to protest otherwise heh!!)

Whilst trying to search for a decent clip of ABC’s original (it was all badly shot live recordings), I came across this hi-energy 90s cover, which was so cheesy and camp that I just HAD to share it:

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

6 Responses

  1. Fatima

    i live in stoke and i just saw the ad today…i swear i didnt recognize anything but i had a feeling that it looked like stoke station from the red wood behind the girls….so i googled and found ur site, and now im sure….i didnt even notice euston in the beginning and that it did actually said stoke when the train passed by…hehhehehe

    u know ur station even if it was a second look at the ad….like a mother knowing her child…hehehe

    im a student here, i didnt like living in stoke but since last nov. its been growing on me..

    thanx for the post!


  2. Tom

    I think you are as geeky as me when it comes to trains, looking at your recent posts… lol.

    I wish every train was a Virgin train, *sigh*


  3. CheekyBandit

    I didn’t realise that trains in strathclyde colours went as far south as Euston as there appears to be one in the background when the train departs.


  4. Dee

    I am a stokie and find it funny that a manchester lad dare make comment about chavs and scallys being on the platform..I also doubt anyone standing at the station will be dancing about like a tit singind..chances are they’d be locked up..

    About the toilets, its not clear if you are on about the ones on the train or at stoke..being as they dont show them on the advert (stoke ones)..I have to agree with you..the advert does no justice to the smell of wee that emanates everytime the door opens like a door revealing a prize..heres your prize..a pissing woman..

    Well I hope you all have a good day and be careful giving ‘the look of love’ on your virgin train journey, chances are, its gonna get you locked up!!


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