An insight into 12 minutes of the life of Gari

An insight into just 12 minutes of my life…. as you can see, when left to my own devices, it’s pretty exhausting being me!!! 😉 Vogue, the ‘big fish, little fish, cardboard box dance’ and Saturday Night were totally to blame for this hehe! ^_^ *continues dancing around his bedroom* 😛

So You Think You Can Dance?

Once again January is upon us, leaving the huge void in the TV schedule that the BBC always feels is appropriate to stuff with some kind of cheap talent show (Fame Academy, and other ‘one-off’ talent/singing series, I am referring to you). This year, however, they’ve taken a different route and commissioned a series of […]

‘Booty Train’ – Virgin Trains Advert

I just caught the ‘Booty Train’ advert on the TV for Virgin Trains’ London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly service and have to confess; I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! A Manchester lad at heart (and a bit of a transport geek), Virgin Trains have always been my favourite way to travel. I’m also a not-so-closeted fan of […]

CPDRC Dance Routines

So, I think that we’re all very much aware of the YouTube clip showing the inmates of the Filipino CPDRC doing the ‘Thriller’ Dance: However, I had no idea that they’d also done two songs from Sister Act, “Jump” by The Pointer Sisters and also Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Holding Out For A Hero’ (amongst many others!) […]