Little Shop of Horrors (UK Tour 2016)

… or Little Hairspray of Horrors, as I’m dubbing this production, but more on that later.

Tonight, I was at Manchester’s opening night of Little Shop of Horrors at The Palace Theatre. The green carpet had been rolled out and the house was packed.

So, I have a confession to make, I’m script and lyric perfect (both film and stage) and I absolutely love this musical. Da doop!

Back to ‘Little Hairspray’ – I say that as I thought that a lot of the costumes, choreography, accents and sounds had all borrowed quite heavily from the Hairspray touring cast. Heck, in the opening number, I was convinced that Stephanie Clift, playing Audrey, was channeling Penny Pingleton! At the interval I was incredibly surprised to see not one Hairspray credit amongst them – I was convinced!

Once I settled in to this rather more polished style of Little Shop, I found that I really enjoyed it, as per usual. I’ve seen Rhydian Roberts in the role of the Dentist before, and I’m not a fan in the slightest unfortunately – the fly in a rather hungry fly-trap!

Stand out of the night for me was Cassie Clare who shone and served with her Ronette!

A number of people were really trying far too hard in the Skid Row number (Flasher /Phil Adele, I’m looking at you, metaphorically of course!! Ha!) but once everyone was warmed up it quickly settled back in to calm performances which, in the main, I enjoyed.

I had a great evening and by the end had decided that, if I had chance to, I would see this production again, though not at full price I’m afraid. (This musical really doesn’t belong in a theatre at all – like Rocky Horror, Rent, Hedwig and all the great cult classics, an amateur production in someone’s basement is always going to win hands down over a polished production!!).

Little Shop of Horrors plays at the Palace Theatre Manchester until Saturday 5th November before continuing on to the final few venues of the UK tour. The show runs for 2 hours 20 minutes (including one 20 minute interval), it probably isn’t suitable for those below the start of their teenage years and more information exists on the official website.

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