A sing-song-text review of Les Mis

It should be stated right off the bat that this is not my actual review (which will follow immediately after, and it will rave the pants off this show – phenomenal), instead this is something stemming from a SMS that I just sent to my pal Brett who accompanied me to the show at the Barbican tonight – figured I’d share it around.

You probably need to be aware of the song ‘Empty Chairs at Empty Tables’ to get the melody – admittedly I have mismatched the lyrics a little to get a little bit of coherence to the SMS heh!

“Oh my Brett, my Brett, don’t ask me, what you’ve sacrificed your evening for! A night of mild teasing and humiliation*, a show, some pizza and much more! The Phantom** banging on Valjean’s door, girls with tits down to the floor, they sang some songs we’ll hum tomorrow, poor Rosa O’Reilly’s credited in the program as a whoooore!”

* I managed to embarrass myself after getting *very* hyper on half a glass of diet coke at the restaurant (I was shaking and everything), and when the Barbican usher responded to my question on where the ticket desk was, I enthusiastically said ‘stupid’ instead of ‘super’ – we all nearly died of embarrassment heh!

** Earl Carpenter is AMAZING as Javert!

We also found some mirth, as you can tell, in all the references to prostitution that there are, especially when people are named in the programme as ‘Whore’ (bit harsh we thought, still… the alternative is ‘swing’, which could be just as open to suggestion heh!).

My plot summary on twitter was: ‘death, death, boobs, death, death, death, boobs, death, love, boobs, death :P’ hehe!

Do please check out my proper review once posted, I’d love to share my proper non-hyper thoughts with you all and see what you all thought of it!

About Gari

Northern lad; living out in the Peak District and rediscovering life after having had a brain tumour.

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