VLOG: Life Update – Sun 17 April 2011

So, it’s been a while since I did a blog post via video and on a more personal note, so here ya go…. indulge me! 😛 For anyone interested in my 3DS /Mii details, you can find them here. If you want to get in contact, don’t forget you can email me via my Contact […]

A sing-song-text review of Les Mis

It should be stated right off the bat that this is not my actual review (which will follow immediately after, and it will rave the pants off this show – phenomenal), instead this is something stemming from a SMS that I just sent to my pal Brett who accompanied me to the show at the […]

I eat puppiez!

Unsure why I’m doodling so much at the moment… did someone mention ‘stress’ and ‘insomnia’ ? 😛 Sure that folk are getting sick of seeing my random outpourings now, and I know the quality of my doodles is not much to write home about, I’m the first to admit! Still, it keeps me entertained and […]

Someone really should stop me…. :oP

Another Sunday stuck on my own in the office + waiting on long-running processes = yet more whiteboard doodles! Stick this YouTube on whilst you read, it’ll help with the atmosphere 😛 [you can click to enlarge the images if you wish to do so] Regular visitors will already be familiar with the evil robot […]

The Show Must Go On

So, I have an extended metaphor for you which came to me earlier on today. I would say that I am not usually flowery and icky when it comes to these kind of things… well, maybe at times(!)… but I do kinda like this one hehe. As a bit of background, my media player always manages […]